Webdash is a media focused Discord bot made to serve the users with fun and very useful commands.

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Webdash is a media focused Discord bot aiming to enhance your Discord server by providing your users with useful and fun commands. Through the rich features of Webdash she's been able to cheer up Discord servers and keep them alive and active. The Webdash bot is designed to provide sophisticated media content from easy to use commands with a simple prefix (_). The developers of Webdash work constantly to improve her and we listen to all the feedback we get. By Webdash's supporters she's become a large and powerful but most importantly a fun bot which users across the world love. Popular and signifying commands are the image and meme commands which provide the users/user with respective content.

With Webdash's web dashboard you can customize and personalize her to match your server. Like her chat commands it's very simple to use yet powerful.

Webdash is open source and if you would like to view her source code please contact her developers.

We'd like to mention Webdash is a non-profit project made with love, to keep her alive she relies on donations and contributions. By sharing her invite link or donating you can help her stay online and grow even larger! If you couldn't already tell Webdash is a female bot.

Note: Webdash Discord bot does contain NSFW content which can only be accessed in NSFW channels. If you'd like to disable Webdash's NSFW functionality please do so through the web dashboard.

A bot for Discord fans by Discord fans